Arcade Fire’s music is being pulled from radio stations as a result of sexual harassment charges.

Several radio stations across North America began to eliminate the discography of Arcade Fire from their alignments following recent allegations of sexual misconduct against the leader of the Canadian group, Win Butler.

According to a report published on Saturday in Music News Publication Pitchfork, four people made allegations against Butler. CBC News could not independently verify these allegations. They were not proven in court. The allegations reported by Pitchfork range from sexual messages and sexual photos not asked for an energetic touch. People told Pitchfork that the alleged interactions were inappropriate according to the age differences and the dynamics of unequal power, and they felt that they could not say no to Butler. In a statement, Butler denied the allegations and said that all the meetings were consensual and he never touched a woman against his will.

So Tuesday, several stations, including CBC Music, made the decision to draw the Fire Arcade tracks. The group’s world tour, which started Tuesday in Dublin, has so far progressed as planned. “I can confirm that we have made a quick decision during the weekend to shoot music from the group. We have not yet had a full internal conversation on the permanence of this decision,” said Ian March, director of the Program in Indie88, a Toronto -based music station. Chuck Thompson, CBC public affairs manager, says that CBC Music will follow suit. “In the light of the recent allegations against Win Butler, CBC Music will stop playing the music of Arcade Fire until we learn more about the situation,” said Thompson. CBC News contacted Corus Entertainment but has not yet received an official response. Bill Childs, radio host in St. Paul, Minnesota, said that he was following American radio stations that also shoot the group’s music. Since the news of the allegations was reported, he said that at least six stations that regularly play the group’s music had dropped songs on Tuesday. “I am always curious to know how radio stations react when the fundamental artists of their artists are taken in allegations of any kind,” said Childs in an interview with CBC News. He says that some stations continued to play the group’s songs very late at night, but suspects that they have not yet reprogrammed their playlist. The World Arcade Fire tour will start Tuesday in Dublin, with shows ending in North America in December in Montreal. Tuesday evening, none of these concerts was canceled or postponed. The singer-songwriter Canadian Feist should open its doors for the group. Kate MC Creesh, a long -standing fan of the group for over 19 years, said that she and her husband had tickets for Tuesday’s show in Dublin, but chose to jump him, despite her release of more than 260 $.

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