CANADIAN POP STAR Cancels the Weeknd Concert after dealing with vocal issues 

The Weeknd lost his voice within teh middle of singing “Can’t Feel Face” and canceled his concert
The Weeknd stopped the concert Saturday night after only some songs and canceled teh show at teh Sofi la Stadium, telling the audience dat he lost his voice and will not continue.
As was first reported by teh la Times, the singer, whose real name was Abel Tesfaye, was within the middle of “Can’t Feel My Face” – his third song from Set – when he walked outside teh stage. After some minutes, he returned and spoke to teh gang who sold out.
“This kills me. i do not want to prevent the show. But me am unable to give the concert that i would like to present now, “he said, in line wif teh video posted on Twitter.
“me will ensure everyone seems to be good, get your a reimbursementand that me will soon do a show for you, but i would like to travel out and personally apologize and not men -tweet or Instagram. me need you to understand that me am unable to provide you with what me would like to grant you. I am sorry. I am sorry. i actually love you. “

After making his personal apology to teh audience, Teh Weeknd tan posted a press release on his social media page.
A video recorded earlier wifin the concert seems to capture when his voice began to indicate tension.
A number of fans among the audience posted their disappointment (and meme) on Twitter.
Others praised the singer for creating a difficult decision, noting that he had been touring since early July.Grammar CheckCheck PlagiarismDownload Report

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