Charlie Crist resigns Congress “As Runing for Governor” now full Time Campaign against DeSantis

Rerecentative Charlie Crist, a Democratic candidate for the Governor of Florida, announced that he would resign from the congress to campaign against the Governor of the Republic of Ron Desantis, without the Bay Times reported.

Mr. Crist served as Governor from 2007 to 2011 and nominated himself as a Republican before he nominated himself as a Senate with GOP before nominating himself as an independent.

He nominated himself as Governor as a Democrat in 2014 and lost almost to Governor Rick Scott before he won the congress seat representing Pinellas County in 2016.

Crist greatly defeated the agricultural commissioner Nikki who was fried in the main Democratic election for the Governor to challenge the desantis, who was seen as a favorite to win the re -election. In fact, Democrats hope to defeat him this year in the hope that the ambitions of the White House ambition.
Florida has a “resignation law carried out” in which an elected official must resign from their office to run for others. Desantis resigned from his congress seat in 2018 when he challenged Democrats Andrew Gillum and won.
Mr. Crist faced criticism because of a proxy vote when running for governor. The House of Representatives has allowed the proxy voting, where other members can choose other members, from the beginning of Pandemi Covid-19.
But Mr. Crist often uses it when he campaigns to the governor, voting with a proxy 107 times between January and April this year.
Mr Crist District became more republic after the legislative of the Republic of Florida repeated the map during the redistricting process that took place every decade. Republic of Anna Paulina Luna, a US air force veteran supported by former President Donald Trump last year, ran against Eric Lynn, supported by Crist.
Cook’s political report considers the 13th district as “the possibility of a republic.”

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