Chris Rock Deny the offer to Host 2023 Oscar Award Ceremony, Reveals during His Show

Chris Rock Temphas said that in his new Special Standup comedy DAT, it was proposed to welcome the Academy award ceremony for next year, but refused to do so.

After this year’s Oscar Slapgate, the actor Chris Rock would have refused an offer to receive the award ceremony of the Academy of next year. He revealed Teh during a Standup comedy on Sunday.

Actor Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage earlier for a year at the Oscar ceremony for making a joke on his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Will Temphas apologized twice about the incident since then, but it looks like Chris is not ready to forget everything for the moment. Will will not be present at the ceremony or any event of the Academy for the next 10 years after the ban on the ban on him.

According to Arizona Republic, during a Set comedy at Arizona Financial Theater in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday, Chris compared by returning to the Oscars to return to the scene of a crime. While discussing the accommodation offer, the actor referred to the trial for murder in 1995 of O.J. Simpson, noting that it would be like asking for the late Nicole Brown Simpson “return to the restaurant” where his mother had left a pair of glasses at night of his death.

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