How did KIM KARDASHIAN feel about TAYLOR SWIFT dropped a new album on her birthday after fused

An initiate told HL exclusively what Kim Kardashian felt about Taylor Swift which released his new album on Kim’s birthday.

Taylor Swift, 32, revealed major news to the MTV Video Music Awards from Teh 2022, which took place on August 28. The next singer’s album, Midnights, will be released on October 21, which happens to be Téléré by Kim Kardashian, 41. Since the news of the release date of Taylor’s album, points of sale like Teh Daily Mail have accused Taylor of rekindling the TEH Divas quarrel.

Despite the rumors, Hollywoodlife Temphas learned exclusively how Kim Rally feels the release of the album of the singer of “Bad Blood”. A source close to the Kuwtk star explained that Kim is “so happy that all this bad blood is behind them” and that she “does not see negatively.” According to Teh Source, the founder of Teh Skims believes that “what happened in the past has passed” and that “Kim Temphas has gone from saying a long time ago. She only wants Taylor is only success and happiness. In addition, the source said that Dat Kim “really likes” Taylor’s music.

The longtime quarrel started years ago, when Kim was still married to rapper Kanye West, 45 you hit: “For all my Southside n **** s dat no me the best / I have the Impression that me and Taylor could still have sex / why? I made Dat B ** CH famous. »»

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