Johnny Depp’s shock appearance : surprise everyone as Moon Man “Astronaut” on VMA Show

Viewers are divided after watching Johnny Depp make a surprise appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards 2022.
Just after Lizzo’s performance at the beginning of the starry ceremony, the 59 -year -old actor made a fast cameo as a trophy Face of the Moon Person.
“I just want you to grasp that i’m available for birthdays, battle mitzvahs, weddings, awakenings – unspecified thing you would like,” said Depp within the short clip, who saw his face imposed on -Dusian helmet within the figure of astronaut.
The appearance of the Star of the Caribbean pirates intervened after a source quoted as “close” to Depp told the ny Post that the actor was visiting make an appearance by video during the awards ceremony.

The source has properly affirmed that Depp would seem because the statue of Astronaut Silver attributed to VMA winners.
While some fans were “excited” to determineto look on the screen, others complained that it had been not necessary “.
“Why did Johnny Depp made an appearance at VMA?” Sanglant frightening and out of contact MTV, “wrote an individual on Twitter.
Another person added: “Woahhh has just seen this video of Johnny Depp … He wasn’t at the VMA. Very strange thing to change and include within the show. “”
A person wrote: “This cameo by Johnny Depp to the VMA was so random and useless.”

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