LATTO shows support for the rights of Abortion in Planned Parenthood PSA

Because many countries continue to impose a total or almost total abortion prohibition after the revocation of ROE V. Wade, Latto has collaborated with Planned Parentood to release the announcement of new public services that urged his fans to speak to support the rights of abortion and access.
Video messages from the rapper “Big Energy” came ahead of the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend, where Latto was nominated for four awards – including the “Video Good” award for the challenging feminist anthem

“We already know who is teh most injured by teh prohibition of this silly abortion: black women, brown women, LGBTQ+communities, and people with low incomes,” Latto said in a statement of her partnerships with non -profit organizations. “coz of teh history of racism and discrimination of this country, these people has difficulty getting teh health care they need. We all deserve to be safe and are teh right of everyone to make decisions about their own bodies. As an artist, I want to use my platform to tell these politicians: my body is not controlled, but me. “
In “P ****,” Latto places men in explosions, aiming for politicians, incels and serial abusers who are trying to subvert women’s sexuality and rights. “The gender role that you project is hypocrisy,” he said in the explosive path. “Half of all of you p **** ni – like owed your mother’s apology/how do you not has p ****, but got an opinion about p ****? You are to bluff. “
Director of Art & Entertainment engagement at teh Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “Latto’s voice will do many things to inspire others to use their voices too, and we are very happy that he spoke teh truth.”
In addition to activism, dis new latto appeared with Miami Rappers City Girls on teh “Bills Pay” track from teh latest album DJ Khalid, God Did, who dropped Friday.

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