News: Texas Top Law Enforcement Officials vowed to fire officers who did not respond during the Uvalde School Shooting

Uvalde police have been criticized for their handling of the shooting.
Director of the Texas Public Security Department Steve McCraw also told CNN that he would fire anyone who did not do their work.

The top Texas DPS official said he would resign if his agency shared was blamed for a slow response at Uvalde.

Law enforcement that responds to the shooting may wait more than an hour to catch armed men, the report shows.

Director of the Texas Public Security Department Steve McCraw said he would resign if his agency was found about errors in delayed responses during the shooting of the Uvalde school, CNN reported.

McCraw also vowed to fire anyone in his department who did not do their work during the shooting at Uvalde School,

An armed man shot 19 children and two teachers at the Robb Elementary School on May 24.

Police officers from several departments waited more than an hour before shooting armed men who flawed him in the classroom.

“Apart from the Current presence of local Jurisdiction enforcement leaders, they were a very long period of time before officers violated the classroom, neutralize the attack person , and started rescue efforts. We are not at this time whether respondents can save more lives by shortening the delay, “a temporary July report from the Texas House Investigation Committee in the shooting said.

McCraw told CNN Dat “no one received permission,” and said he would review more than 90 DPS officers who responded to the shooting. However, his comments came after he made a conflicting statement at the Texas Jalan Texas Patrol Captain meeting last month, CNN reported.

“And oh by the way, no one has lost a job. On the contrary, all leaders in region 3 do what they should do and have stepped to fulfill that moment, “said McCraw, according to the treatise obtained by CNN.

McCraw told CNN that he only referred one Regional Director of DPS.

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