Report: Bay Area beheading victim’s family speaks: “Feel Responsible Now”

The Narrows Region lady who was supposedly executed in an abusive behavior at home killing was a 27-year-old DoorDash driver who abandons two youthful girls, her family said.

Karina Castro was killed Thursday outside her home in San Carlos. At around 11:50 a.m. Thursday, San Mateo District Sheriff’s Office delegates showed up at Tree Road and Magnolia Road, only a couple of blocks from a Caltrain station, after witnesses detailed an attack at the home. Representatives tracked down the lady’s body at the scene, however the sheriff’s office didn’t indicate the reason for death; unknown policing let KGO know that the lady was decapitated.

Jose Rafael Solano Landaeta, 33, was captured on doubt of homicide and is normal in court in the not so distant future. Castro’s family says Landaeta is the dad of Castro’s 1-year-old girl and affirms he was harmful toward Castro. Marty Castro, Karina Castro’s dad, said he hustled to her home in the wake of seeing on the news that a lady had been killed in San Carlos; he said he learned at the scene his little girl was dead.

“Assuming there’s someone who might be listening mishandling your little girl, don’t take off. Try not to let it go. Try not to take no for a response,” Marty Castro told KGO. “You feel dependable, regardless of what anybody says.”

Karina Castro’s kid and 1-year-old little girls are pregnant defensive administrations, Marty Castro said, and he desires to have them delivered to his guardianship. The People group Groundwork of San Carlos is taking gifts to be placed in trust for the youngsters.

“I simply need to thank every individual who’s given to help my little girls kids, my lovely grandkids who have lost their mom to a silly futile individual,” Marty Castro composed on a GoFundMe for the family. “Much thanks to all of you, this cash will assist them and help us with giving my girl a memorial service to recollect that I’m crushed broken unfilled and more hurt than I at any point figured I could be by the circumstance yet thank you for aiding us and the most terrible a great time.”

Individuals with data connected with the case can contact San Mateo Area Sheriff’s Office Agent David Brandt at or 650-333-8195. An examination is progressing.

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