Report: “House of the Dragon” Viewer reacts when Miguel Sapochnik stops three weeks into a series

As Per Reports: The House of the Dragon viewers react to news about key departure for only three weeks into the series.

The Game of Thrones, which is a prequel set by almost 200 years before the original event, has broadcast two episodes to date, with the third arrival on Sunday (4 September).
HBO has announced that the event will return for the second season following the ranking news to break the record.
However, this series will be anonymous because it has been revealed that Co-Showrunner Miguel Sapochnik will not return.
Sapochnik, which directed several episodes of Game of Thrones, has become a driving force behind the prequel with Ryan J Condal and George Rr Martin, who are author’s source material from both shows.

Rasther rather than there is bad blood, Sapochnik’s decision seems to come because of the desire to stay away from projects related to Thrones.
He told The Hollywood Reporter: “It is very difficult to decide to move, but I know it is the right choice for me, personally and professionally.”

Now, fans of the event support Sapochnik in their decisions, and celebrate the work he has done so far.
“Running the episode of the show and directing it must also be very difficult, thank you for starting, one fan writes, with another adding:” He is a great director and a good runner, he really helps HBO and get. I thought everything would be fine, but I wish he was lucky. “

Mastering his achievements with Thrones, a fan stated: “He will be missed, his work on the sewer might be why the franchise is now so successful.

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