Rihanna Buy $10 Million Mansion in California

To Buy a Home is Dream for Everyone, But For RIHANA is become a Habit

“Rihanna expanded her kingdom once again”.
The pop star and a 33 -year -old businessman undermined $ 10 million for a 5,000 square foot in Beverly Hills, California, at the end of March, according to property records. The tudor -style house is right next to the 8,000 square feet that have been purchased for $ 13.75 million at the end of last year
Rihanna cosmetics and fashion brands have been promoted as the richest female musicians in the world with a net wealth of $ 600 million, according to Forbes.
The two properties, located in the Beverly Hills Post Office, were bought through guardianship. Evan Jehle, a partner in a New York -based business management company, FFO and Global Advisory Board member Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation, is registered as a trustee for two transactions,

The first property obtained by Star – a white house with a black roof that gave the nuances of a modern agricultural house – too much improvement by investor Daniel Starr, who bought the house in 2016 for $ 4.3 million in transactions displayed at Bravo’s “Million Dollar’s Dollar Bravo’s “Bravo’s Dollar Bravo’s Bravo List. “Now it is equipped with indoor-outdoor floor plans with white oak wood floors, several high fireplaces and fences to protect them from peeking eyes.
The renovated residence can be seen from the reasons for Rihanna’s newer acquisition, according to the property image.
Meanwhile, his new tudor-style house offers five bedrooms and five bathrooms, open ceiling blocks and wood details throughout, sauna, half-basketball field and swimming pool and many more.

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