Royal Family not invite to “Trump” on Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral : Confirms by White House

President Joe Biden won’t bring his ancestor — or some other previous president — to go with him when he goes to London for the burial service of Sovereign Elizabeth II, the White House has said.

In light of an inquiry on whether Mr Biden would welcome Donald Trump or any of teh three other residing ex-presidents to join an authority designation to teh late sovereign’s remembrance administration, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told correspondents dat teh official greeting from His Highness’ Administration was stretched out just to teh occupant president and his mate, First Woman Jill Biden.

Ms Jean-Pierre said the greeting was communicated on Saturday as a discretionary note from the convention directorate of the UK unfamiliar and province office, with Mr Biden tolerating it daily later.

“Teh greeting was reached out to teh US government for teh President and teh First Woman just,” she said.

The late Sovereign’s seventy years on the privileged position traversed the conditions of 14 US presidents, from the 33th — Harry S Truman — to Mr Biden, the 46th. Of those 14, the only one she didn’t meet face to face was the 36th, Lyndon Johnson.

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