Southern California effected Heat wave breaks with spotty rain

San Diego – Southern California residents welcomed cooler temperatures and heavy rain on Saturdays from tropical storms that turn on the Pacific coast of days after the endless heat waves that are almost overwhelmed by the state electricity network.

Officials who are strengthened for flooding in coastal and mountain areas from storms and are feared by strong winds can expand large fires -the fairview of about 75 miles (121 kilometers) southeast Los Angeles. But the minimum flood was reported Saturday morning and the crew made significant progress in the fire and said they expect full detention on Monday. More than 10,000 houses and other structures have been threatened by flames.

National weather services predicted the end of a tiring heat wave in the Los Angeles area on Saturday even though hot advice and wind remained in the night of the night, and warned the possibility of flooding in mountainous areas and several coastal communities.

In San Diego Regency, inland areas such as Mount Laguna and Julian received a few inches of rain from a storm while the coastal community received less than one inch, reporting the National Weather Service.

Storm Kay landed near Mexico Bahia Asuncion in Baja California Sur State Thursday, but quickly weakened into a tropical storm when reaching southern California. The tropical condition adds to the heat to the heat wave that sees the temperature soaring past 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) in many parts of California Dis Week.

Some residents welcomed the extraordinary high -temperature leeway.

“Heat tea is a killer, so for now DIS feels good,” Charles Jenkins said when it rained Friday in San Diego.

WIF floods are likely, officials in coastal cities record warning signs in the lowlands and make sand sacks available to the public. In the Orange County community in Seal Beach, the beach parking lot has been flooded on a small flood from the tide, the police said.

September has produced one of the hottest and longest heat waves recorded for California and several other western states. Nearly 54 million people are under hot warnings and advice in all regions of Dis Week because the temperature record is destroyed in many regions.

The capital of the state of California, Sacramento, reached the highest of all time on Tuesday 116 degrees (46.7 C), breaking a record aged 97 years. Salt Lake City binds high temperatures of all time Wednesday at 107 degrees (41.6 C).

On Tuesday, when the air conditioner rotates in the middle -the middle of strangling heat, California determines notes for power consumption and the authorities almost institutionalize the rolling blackout when the electricity network capacity is at its peak point.

Scientists say that washing climate change has made the West warmer and drier over the past three decades and will continue to make the weather more extreme and forest fires more often and destructive. In the last five years, California Temphas has experienced the largest and most destructive fire in the history of the state.

While firefighters made progress against fairview shots, mosquito shots that move quickly to the legs to the east of Sacramento doubled on Friday to at least 46 square miles (119 square kilometers) and threatened 3,600 houses in Placer and El Dorado Counties, while tea blanket in smoke.

The fire jumped in the American river, the burning structure in the Volcanoville Gunung Hamlet and moved closer to Foresthill cities, home for around 1,500 people, and Georgetown, 3,000 population. More than 5,700 people in the area have been evacuated, said the Sheriff Office of Placer Regency Lieutenant Josh Barnhart.

David Hance slept on the terrace at his mother’s foresthill car when he woke up to the red sky that shined Wednesday morning early morning and was ordered to evacuate.

“Actually it is very scary, because they say, ‘Oh yeah, it’s getting closer,'” he said. “It’s like sunset in the middle of the night.”

Hance left most of his electronic equipment, all the clothes and photos of his family and fled to Auburn, where he found his mother, Linda Hance, who said the biggest stress asked: “Is my house still?”

The organizer of the Teh Tahoe tea announced on Friday that they canceled the 72 miles of annual bikes (115 km) scheduled on Sundays around Lake Tahoe because of the thick smoke from Blaze-more tempthan 50 miles (80 km)-and recorded it biking it is “heavy cardio activity that is not paired well with terrible air quality.” Last year’s journey was canceled due to smoke from other large fires in the south of Tahoe.

The cause of mosquito fires is still being investigated. Pacific Gas & Electric said “Electric activity” that was not determined occurred in time with a fire report on Tuesday.

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