Update: Montana Ministry of Health adopts rules that greatly limit sex changes to the birth certificate

Health officials in Montana adopted changes in the proposed rules on Friday related to changing the identification of sex in the birth certificate issued by the state, which now does not include changes after gender confirmation operations.

Changes in the rules by the Department of Public Health and Montana Humanitarian Services, which began to take effect on Saturday, now makes it almost impossible for transgender people to change the sex listed in their birth certificates now only allows changes in very limited circumstances.
According to the new rules, the sex of the birth certificate can only be changed if registered incorrectly on the original certificate “as a result of scrivener errors or data entry errors” or if the “individual sex is wrongly identified in the original certificate and the department receives a written statement of correction and Supporting documents, … including copies of chromosomes, molecular, karyotypic, DNA, or genetic tests that identify individual sex. “
CNN has reached the Department of Public Health and Humanitarian Services Montana and ACLU Montana to comment on this problem.
The Governor of the State Republic, Greg Gianforte, last year signed the SB 280 law, which requires transgender montanan to undergo a “surgical procedure” if they want to change the sex of their birth certificate to match their gender identity. Under the rules of change adopted Friday, transgender people will not be able to change their birth certificate even if they have gender confirmation operations.
A state judge decided in April that the state must stop the law enforcement, which allows montanan people who want to change sex appointment to their birth certificate to continue to do so by submitting gender appointment forms to the Ministry of Health and Human Services.
The latest developments in Montana are part of a broader effort by conservatives to make Americans transgender more difficult to change their birth certificates and other identification documents to match their gender identity. In April, Oklahoma imposed laws that prohibit non -biner gender markers on birth certificates in the state.

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