Tom Cruise’s TOP GUN Maverick’ Copyright Lawsuit Should Be Grounded

“This is not an aircraft, this is a pilot,” they said in the Top Gun blockbuster starring Tom Cruise: Maverick, and that was what Paramount thought about the copyright claim that they had been slapped with a fighter jet film.

“When the court reviewed the article and Maverick, which was contrary to the comparison of the plaintiff’s work that was irrelevant and misleading, it was clear as a legal problem that Maverick did not borrow an expression protected by articles,” Paramount said in a motion to reject the response submitted Friday at the Federal Court in California .

“The plaintiff does not have a monopoly on the work of top gun.”
The dispute is between Paramount Pictures and Widows based in Israel and the son of the 1983 article writer who inspired the original film 1986.
In the copyright lawsuit filed at the beginning of this summer in the California Federal Court, Shosh Yonay and Yuval Yonay wanted unteasperated but clearly damaged damage from the studio. They also asked for orders to stop the screening and distribution of sequel released May 27, as well as more films in the franchise.
Calling Top Gun: Maverick “Derivative,” Yonays Marc Toberoff- and Alex Kozinski accuse that Paramount “Rotates the Law” which enables the termination of rights after 35 years

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