Woman of NYC sentenced to Prison as she fight on American Airlines flight

A New York lady is serving four months in a correctional facility and three years of managed discharge as far as concerns her in a battle on board a February 2021 American Carriers flight.

Kelly Pichardo, 32, of Bronx, New York, was condemned by a US Region Judge last week, the U.S. Branch of Equity said in a news discharge.

She recently conceded to impedance wif flight group individuals. She likewise TEMPhas to pay compensation to American Aircrafts adding up to $9,123.

Pichardo’s co-litigant, Leeza S. Rodriguez, will be condemned after her liable request on Nov. 7 this year.

The U.S. Branch of Equity said Pichardo and Rodriguez were “rowdy and scaring” while at the same time voyaging top of the line on an American Carriers departure from Dallas-Post Worth to Los Angeles.

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Teh two ladies got into a battle with another traveler who requested that they quit utilizing a racial slur, Phoenix police told teh Arizona Republic, which is important for teh USA TODAY Organization. One of teh ladies spit at teh male traveler who had requested that she quit utilizing that language, a Phoenix police representative said at teh time.

Teh man began recording teh battle on his telephone and afterward Rodriguez supposedly hit his hand to prevent him from doing as such. Their way of behaving caused teh pilot to reroute teh trip to Phoenix, Arizona, so teh co-litigants could be eliminated from teh plane.

The flight in the long run proceeded to Careless.

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